3 Good Reasons to Avoid Overfilling Your Skip Bin

When ordering a skip bin for your residential rubbish removal, you will be required to consent to the terms of service, which includes ensuring proper use of the bin. One of the things that you will be expected to avoid is overfilling your bin. In fact, most skip bin services will not pick up your bin if it is filled higher than the labeling on the top edges. Instead, the truck drivers sent to collect your bin will attach a tag to it indicating that you should remove the extra rubbish before arranging for another collection. 

So, why is it so crucial to avoid overfilling your skip?

To avoid potential health hazards

Overfilled skips easily draw flies, cockroaches, rats and other unpleasant critters. These creatures can wreak havoc in homes and entire neighbourhoods by spreading bacteria and germs that cause disease. 

You might not know it, but the same rats that move around the skip outside your home may be the same ones that sneak into your home at night to nibble your food. The best way to avoid this is filling your skip correctly, so that you can close the lid. 

To minimise safety risks

An overflowing bin is not just a health hazard, but also a safety risk. If hard or heavy items are placed on top of an overfilled bin, they can spill and accidentally fall on anyone walking around the bin. This is particularly so if you have playful children and pets who are oblivious of the danger that lurks near a brimful bin. Therefore, making sure that your bin is not overfilled is essential for the safety of those you care about. 

To minimise environmental hazards

When waste items spill from a skip that is full to capacity, they fall on the ground on which the skip has been placed. The spilled waste can be an eyesore on the bin user's property or the adjacent street, depending on the placement of the bin. But the spillage can have a much bigger impact on the environment. 

If it rains heavily before the spilled items have been removed and properly disposed of, rainwater run-off can carry the rubbish into local rivers, streams and lakes. This will lead to contamination of natural water resources, which is bad for the environment.

The best way to avoid overfilling your skip is to determine how much waste you need to dispose of and choose a correct bin size. The customer support staff at your local skip bin service will be glad to help with your bin size selection.

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When ordering a skip bin for your residential rubbish removal, you will be required to consent to the terms of service, which includes ensuring proper