Top Things You Shouldn't Do When Hiring Skip Bins

One of the best ways to manage your household waste is to hire skips bins from a reputable removal company in your area. These rubbish removal companies provide different forms of skip bins for various wastes and follow the appropriate guidelines to recycle or dispose of the rubbish. But there are a number of aspects you need to grasp to make your residential skip bin hire and rubbish removal experience seamless. So, whether you are thinking about hiring a skip bin or you have one already, be sure to avoid the following blunders.

Mixing different forms of waste in one skip bin

Few people create the time to know how to dispose of waste in a skip bin, which is a mistake that causes issues with the provider. You can't dump all forms of waste in one skip bin. For instance, you cannot mix green waste with your general household rubbish or construction waste. It would be best if you had separate skips for each form of waste. This boosts disposal efficiency greatly.

Some of the waste categories recognised by removal companies include green waste (leaves, grass, wood chips, etc.), general waste (clothes, toys, furniture, boxes, carpets, etc.), dirt and soil, concrete and bricks and so on. Some e-wastes may be placed into a general waste bin while others aren't authorised. Electronic waste like television, scanners, printers and computers have certain materials and chemicals that are harmful to people and the environment. The skip bin service will tell you what can and cannot go into their skip bins. 

Hiring a too large or small skip bin

The size of the skip bin also matters a lot when it comes to waste disposal. Most people rarely consider their requirements before selecting the skip bin size. This often makes them pay extra money unnecessarily because of getting a large skip or hiring another skip bin which also increases costs. Choosing to estimate the quantity of your rubbish in advance will help you make an informed decision and avoid spending more. If you're unsure, the bin company will help you pick the appropriate size. 

Failing to consider the water weight

Although skip bins come in various sizes, there are weight limits for each skip bin size. If your waste exceeds the limit, you will have to pay extra. One of the major culprits when it comes to increasing weight is water. So, what can you do to avoid water weight? Getting a skip bin that has a lid and drainage valve at the bottom can help. Some skip bins also have a slanting base that directs the water to the valve, so get those. Also, make sure you dry the waste before placing it into the skips.

For more information about skip bins, reach out to a professional who provides bin hire

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